Problems of Cryobiology and Cryomedicine

The Journal was established in 1985. Till 1991 it was published under title Kriobiologia, and Problemy kriobiologii/Problems of Cryobiology from 1991 till 2012. (Journal at a Glance)

The Journal publishes the reviews and original papers on cryobiological and cryomedical research, in particular the elucidation of mechanisms of injuries occurring in biological objects and caused by the influence of low and ultra low temperatures; natural resistance of biologicals to cold and their recovery post effect; the development of effective methods of cryoprotection and technology of storage of biological resources under hypothermic and ultra low temperatures, application of hypothermia, cryotherapy and cryopreserved biologicals for treating various pathologies; cell and tissue based therapies and other issues of low-temperature biology and medicine, as well as development of devices and equipment for low temperature biology and medicine.

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Vol 27, No 1 (2017): Probl Cryobiol Cryomed

Table of Contents

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Editorial Information PDF
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Review articles

Endoscopic Cryosurgery PDF
Nikolay A. Chizh 3-18

Theoretical and Experimental Cryobiology

Influence of Temperature and Ionic Strength of Medium on Surface Potential of Human Erythrocytes PDF
Olga I. Gordiyenko, Igor F. Kovalenko 19-28
Duration of Whole-Body Air-Cryo-Exposure (–120°C) Affects Some Properties of Murine Erythrocytes PDF
Olga V. Kudokotseva, Igor F. Kovalenko, Ivan I. Lomakin, Georgiy A. Babijchuk 29–40
Antihypoxant Activity of Low Molecular Weight Fraction Bovine Blood Cryohemolysate at Different Stages of Ontogenesis PDF
Oleksandr K. Gulevsky, Ivan I. Schenyavsky 41-50
Antihemolytic Efficiency of Chlorpromazine under Posthypertonic Shock and Glycerol Removal from Erythrocytes after Thawing PDF
Yekaterina A. Semionova, Nina G. Zemlyanskikh, Nataliya V. Orlova, Nataliya M. Shpakova 51-60

Cryomedicine, Clinical and Experimental Transplantology

Implantation of Cryopreserved Human Placental Fragments Restores Prooxidant-Antioxidant Balance in Experimental Animals of Late Ontogeny PDF
Olga S. Prokopyuk, Volodymyr Yu. Prokopyuk, Nana M. Pasieshvili, Viktor V. Chyzhevskiy, Viktor Yu. Trifonov, Volodymyr G. Karpenko, Olga O. Loginova 61-70
Effect of Cryopreserved Cord Blood Serum on Systemic Inflammatory Responses in Experimental Cold Wound PDF
Gennadii A. Kovalov, Irina O. Ischenko, Lyudmila N. Tynynyka, Irina A. Iefimova, Boris P. Vvedenskiy, Boris P. Sandomirskiy 71-80

Short communications

Structural Changes in Kidneys of Homeo- and Heterothermal Animals Undergoing Artificial and Natural Hypometabolis PDF
Viktoriya V. Lomako, Igor I. Kondakov 81-86


In memory of Maria Iosifovna Shrago (1919-2017) PDF
Annual Conference of Young Scientists "Cold in Biology and Medicine - 2017" PDF
Instructions for Authors PDF
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