Methodology of Cryotherapy Use in Medical Practice


  • Oleg A. Panchenko State Institution ‘Scientific-Practical Medical Rehabilitation and Diagnostic Center of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine’



cryotherapy, cryochamber, individualization, body surface temperature, thermal control system


Here, we studied the application efficiency of the whole-body extreme air cryotherapy in treatment of patients. The persons with borderline mental disorders demonstrated a decrease in asthenic disorders (66.4%), neuro-mental stress (82.8%), trait and state anxiety (44.9 and 67.2%, respectively), improved well-being (36.2%), mood (31%), and increased activity (43.1%). Quite a complete or partial regression of cephalic syndrome (78.8 and 21.2%, respectively), no vestibulocerebellar syndrome (68.2%), partial regression (31.8%) were revealed in patients with vascular pathology. Patients with
musculoskeletal diseases had a decreased or levelled pain syndrome (100 and 77.7%, respectively), as well as reduced clinical and neurological manifestations (78.6%), an increase in daily motor activity (94.3%), diminished restriction in standing and walking (94.3%). The individualization of cryotherapy in a  combined rehabilitation therapy for patients with this pathology has enabled improving the treatment efficiency and reducing the therapy terms at the minimum drug cost.


Probl Cryobiol Cryomed 2019; 29(2):137–147.


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