Evaluation of Mitotic Activity of Bone Marrow Under Short-Term Hypothermia





hypothermia, mitotic index, bone marrow, medicinal leech application, actively proliferating cells


In this research, we have studied the mitotic activity of bone marrow when applying medicinal leeches and short-term hypothermia. The bone marrow mitotic indices were compared within an immediate examination of the thigh removed from the body and during a short-term hypothermia. As a result, no statistical differences were found between the mitotic levels during immediate examination and a short-term hypothermia in the intact animals and those after medicinal leech application, that evidenced to a hypothermal fixation of initial level of this index, preservation of biomembrane physiological state prior to hypotonic stress and cell morphology. The used here short-term hypothermia on bone marrow cells may be included in the multi-profile algorithm of laboratory analysis when studying a mitotic index in actively proliferating cells.


Probl Cryobiol Cryomed 2022; 32(2):081091


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