Cryopreservation of Fruit-Berry Culture Cuttings


  • L. V. Gorbunov Institute of Animal Breeding of Ukrainian Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Kharkov
  • T. P. Shiyanova Institute of Plant Production of Ukrainian Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Kharkov


cuttings of fruit-berry cultures, cryopreservation, viability, storage period, humidity, rate of cooling and warming


It has been established that temperature, storage period, humidity, rates of cooling and thawing significantly affect viability of frozen-thawed cuttings. The found permissible values of humidity, parameters, providing maximal viability of birch, black currant berry, raspberry, cherry cuttings are 32–40; 40–50; 37–40; 33–45% within the positive range of temperatures and 14–28, 30–40, 23, 37% within the negative range. Decrease of humidity results in plasmolysis, and exceeding does in intracellular crystal-formation. During application of different regimens of drying and cooling with the rate of 0.1°C/hr down to –20°C with further plunging into liquid nitrogen the viability of frozen-thawed cuttings of currant berry and birch made 100%, 88% for raspberry and 57% for cherry.




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