Mechanisms of Glycerol Permeability through the Membrane of Human Erythrocytes

O. I. Gordiyenko, S. Ye. Kovalenko, I. F. Kovalenko


The performed study provided the permeability coefficients of human erythrocyte membranes for glycerol in wide temperature interval (37...4°C) with step of 2–3 degrees. Using the Arrhenius dependencies the activation energies of glycerol molecules penetration into erythrocytes were calculated. The temperature range of 12...15°C was characterized with a break in Arrhenius dependence with a significant rise in activation energy in low temperature area. The obtained values of activation energy, 76 ± 13 (37...15°C) and 159 ± 15.6 kJ×mol–1 (12...4°C) testify to at least partial penetration of glycerol molecules through lipid bilayer. The paper discusses the literature data on coefficients of permeability for glycerol molecules, assessed with various methods.


erythrocytes; glycerol; permeability; activation energy; methods for assessment of permeability coefficients

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