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Department of Cryomorphology
Research Fellows:

Cryomorphology Department is one of the oldest departments of the Institute for Problems of Cryobiology & Cryomedicine of the National Academy of Sciences of the Ukraine, having its own and continuing scientific traditions, established by the first heads of the Department, outstanding scientists Prof. V.M. Cherednichenko and Prof. Ye.Ya. Pankov. Till 2015 the Department was headed by the winner of the State Prizes of the USSR and Ukraine Prof. Tatyana N. Yurchenko, DSc (Med).

The Department is experienced in studying the structural and functional indices, characterizing the degree of cell damage at different stages of cryopreservation, as well as other extreme effects [1].

Many years the main direction of the department researches is the investigation of adaptation and regeneration capabilities of cells and tissues after cold effect and also under conditions of natural and artificial anabiosis [2-3].

In the model of cultured cells there are performed the researches of the temperature effect of various range on biosynthetic processes. It has been shown that the rate of synthesis of nuclear proteins is induced by temperature factor, including cold one, and within the period of cell recovery passes ahead the rate of synthesis of total cell proteins, in this case reparative processes after hypothermia effect at cellular and organism levels have common regularities [4] .

At the Department a considerable attention was paid to electron microscopic investigation of crystal formation processes in the solutions of different cryoprotectants and cell suspensions. It has been shown that even in cryoprotectant presence under rapid freezing regimens there is observed non-uniform cell shrinkage and deformation of their surface by extracellular ice crystals.

For the first time in experiments there was studied the dynamics of recrystallization processes occurring

in erythrocytes at the stage of isothermic exposure (-20C-30C) under two-step freezing. There was determined the time of "dissolving" of the intracellular ice crystals and cell dehydration [5] .

Recently at the Department a special attention is paid to the studying the morphofunctional aspects of the effect of transplants of fetoplacental complex on organs and systems of the whole organism, the determination of structural rearrangements, explaining stimulating and substitutive functions of transplants [6-7] .

Our technical feasibility:

The Department has one of the best in Ukraine electron microscopic laboratory, comprising transmission and rastrum microscopes, auxiliary apparatuses and actually all methodical approaches.
In the Department the complex studies of the efficiency of application for biological preparations of fetoplacental complex in experiments using the methods of cyto- and histochemistry, biochemistry, immune enzyme analysis are conducted.
The Department is equipped with modern microscopic device, enable to apply in the researches the methods of morphometric, photometric and fluorometric analysis.

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