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Department of Experimental Cryomedicine
Research Fellows:

Department of Experimental Cryomedicine was established in 1972. Since the foundation time the department has been headed by Professor, DSc (Med), winner of Bogomolets' Prize of Academy of Sciences of UkrSSR in the field of physiology and theoretical medicine (1985), honoured worker of science and techniques of Ukraine (2003) Boris P. Sandomirskiy (see CV ).

Head of the Department
Boris P. Sandomirsky
Prof., DSc (Med), MD

A considerable experience in application of cryosurgery in various fields of experimental and clinical medicine is accumulated at the department (see Grischenko V.I., Sandomirsky B.P., Kolontay Yu.Yu. et al. Practical Cryomedicne/Edited by Grischenko V.I. and Sandomirsky B.P. Kiev: Zdorovya, 1987.- 248p.).

Among the results of R&D activity of the department the following may be emphasized:

Biopreparations on the base of newborn piglets' and mature pigs' tissues for correcting metabolic disorders in an organism have been developed.

There was elaborated the technology for cryopreservation of newborn piglets' pancreas islet tissue, providing the integrity for insulin-producing function of cells under culturing conditions, as well as cryotechnology of freeze-drying of bovine colostrum (patent 63455 Ukraine, IPC7 F26B5/06/ The method of bovine colostrum lyophilization).

In the experiments anti-diabetic effect of protein-free extract of the new born piglets' pancreas.

There was developed the method of obtaining the extracts, containing nucleotides and low molecular compounds of peptide origin, from xenotissues and organs (Patent 64381 A Ukraine, IPC7 A61K35/12).

The efficiency of application of piglet's and mature pigs' liver and spleen extracts was studied in the animals with experimental diffusive hepatic pathologies (toxic hepatitis, cirrhosis).

Pig's spleen extract (preparation "Ekslin") was approved in clinic of pulmonary diseases.

Synergism of positive effect on liver regeneration of cryohepatodestruction, extracts of liver and spleen, lyophilized colostrums, as well as cryodenervation of hepatic artery.

The studies on creation of bioengineered structures with base on culturing in vitro of polypotent cells on carbon nanostructures.

Recent publications

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