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Department for Long Term Storage of Biological
Objects under Low Temperatures
Research Fellows:

The department was established in 1999. The Department is headed by Dr. Igor P. Vysekantsev, PhD (Med), Senior Research Fellow.

Head of the Department
Igor P. Vysekantsev
PhD (Med)
Senior Research Fellow

Highly qualified experts with a huge experience in the field of cryobiology and the disciplines close to medicine and biology compose the personnel. Highly technological cryopreservation methods for different objects. Special attention is given to optimization of freezing regimens and cryopreservation computer-based processes. A special package intended to a long term storage of objects under liquid nitrogen temperature, absolutely safe for environment in the case of a sealing failure in container with biological material, also with pathogens, is thought to be of a great interest..

Major scientific trends of the activity:

  • Studying the viability integrity and properties of biological objects of different organizational level during long-term storage under low temperatures;
  • Elaboration of recommendations on long-term storage conditions of biological objects at low temperature banks.

The presence of a group of microbiologists and experts on cell cultures enables us to perform the studies on microorganisms of all the taxons (bacteria, viruses, fungi, protosoa), to obtain primary cultures, to maintain re-cultured cell cultures and accumulate all this for the further use in research, health care and biotechnology.

One of the tasks consistent with the aims of other departments of the Institute is known to be the elaboration of combined methods of evaluating the integrity of biological objects using cytological, biochemical, karyological, biophysical, microbiological, immunological investigation methods.

At the department there was created the software for counting and use of the objects stored, which is considered to cause an interest for low temperature banks of any trend.

At present at the Department there are 9 scientists working, 7 of which are PhDs.

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Institute for Problems of Cryobiology and Cryomedicine of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
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