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Laboratory of Cryomorphology
Research Fellows:

The Department of Cryomorphology is one of the oldest divisions of the IPCC of the NAS of Ukraine, possessing its own scientific traditions, established in the 70s, and headed by prominent scientists Prof. V. Cherednychenko (1972 to 1974) and Prof. Ye. Pankov (1974 to 1977). Since 1977 till 2014 the Department was headed by Prof. Tetiana Yurchenko, the Winner of State Prizes of the USSR and Ukraine.
Since 2015 till 2016 the Department, and then the Laboratory of Cryomorphology (since 2016 till now) is headed by Dr. Mykola Repin. During history of the Department by 3 DSci and 15 PhD dissertation projects were performed and defended.

Head of the Department
Mykola Repin

The main direction of the laboratory's activity is to solve the task of correcting the function of kidneys and internal organs, to assess  their morphological state after introducing  biologically active substances of cryoextracts of fetoplacental origin as a factor of  preventing and minimizing the consequences of renal pathology, as well as to study their impact  on regenerative processes under acute lesions of various etiologies in model of rhabdomyolysis of traumatic and toxic origins. In addition, of primary importance are the researches of structural and functional parameters of cells under hypothermia, at different stages of cryopreservation, and under the impact of other extreme factors.

The following electron microscopes are available at the Laboratory: a transmission electron microscope PEM-125K equipped with an imaging system SAI-01A (JSC "Selmi") and an image processing software (KAPPA, Germany); and a scanning electron microscope REMMA-101A (JSC "Selmi") with digital image display of "SEO" company. Auxiliary equipment: vacuum sputtering unit VUP-5M; ultramicrotomes UMTP-6, UMPT-7 (JSC "Selmi", Sumy); optical microscopes; digital camera Sigeta UCMOS 3.1MP; unit for freeze-fracturing of biological objects in vacuum. The available modern microscopic equipment enables implementing morphological and morphometric researches.

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23, Pereyaslavskaya str., Kharkiv, Ukraine 61016
Institute for Problems of Cryobiology and Cryomedicine of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
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