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Department of Technology Transfer,
Innovation and Intellectual Property
Head of the Department
Lyudmila P. Fomenko

The Patent Department was established in 1975. Since 2000, the Institute has been actively participating in the competition between the  institutions of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine for the best performance in inventive activity, creation, protection and use of intellectual property. Following the results of the competition in the Department of Biochemistry, Physiology and Molecular Biology of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, every year the Institute won prizes. To ensure the practical implementation of the results of scientific research, the patent department was transformed to  the Department of technology transfer, innovation, and intellectual property.

•    patent information support during main stages of research activity of the Institute;
•    analysis of researches  performed, forecasting their results to determine the patentability of intellectual property;
•    providing assistance in assessing the technical level of development, protection of national priority for research, development, design etc. as for inventions, their preliminary assessment for novelty;
•    filing and submission of documents of intellectual property objects to the bodies determined by the legislation in Ukraine and abroad.


  • Liudmyla Fomenko, head of the department
  • Iuliya Chyzh, senior engineer
  • Liudmyla Pavliuchenko, technician


•    The Institute was awarded with the Diploma of the Presidium of the NAS of Ukraine for achieving the best results in inventive work (the 3rd  place among the Institutions of the NAS of Ukraine)

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