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Department for Low Temperature Preservation
Research Fellows:

The Department of Low-Temperature Preservation exists from the very first day of the Institute of Cryobiology and Cryomedicine of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine back in 1972. In 1972-1995 the Department was headed by the Institute's founder and its first director, Prof. Mykola Pushkar. In 1995–2015 it was headed by Prof. Yevhen Gordienko. Since 2015 the Department is headed by Prof. Olga Gordienko. 

Head of the Department
Prof. Olga Gordienko

The Department develops theoretical approaches and physico-mathematical theories/ models of the phenomena of transmembrane mass transfer and other processes occurring at different stages of low-temperature preservation. Such theoretical modeling was used for determination of cell membrane permeability coefficients for water molecules and cryoprotectants, determination of optimal cryopreservation regimens, etc.

•    Theoretical substantiation and experimental confirmation of ways to increase the adhesion capacity of cells before and after cryopreservation by modifying the physicochemical characteristics of the substrate and the surface of cell membranes 
(Research  Code, State Registration Number  0111U001198). 2011-2015
•    To establish the mechanisms and create a physical and mathematical theory of cell cryodamages under electrical stresses during low-temperature preservation of cell suspensions (Research  Code, State Registration Number 0116U003490). 2016-2020
•    Theoretical and experimental study of electrical characteristics of cell membranes at the stages of cryopreservation and their correlation with the ability of  cells to adhere to flat surfaces and three-dimensional structures
(Research Code, State Registration Number  0121U108756). 2021-2025

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