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Department of Scientific and Technical Information
Head of the Department
Eugeniya N. Pushkova

From the very beginning of the Institute's history there was a scientific and technical information group in 1972, a scientific and technical information laboratory was created then  in 1975, and a department of scientific and technical information and patenting in March 1979. In 1981, the departments of scientific and technical information and patenting were separated and Dr. Zoya Kamenetska was the first head of the department. Since 1996 the department is headed by Ievheniia Pushkova.

Main activities:

  • information support of the Institute scientific and educational activity;
  • participation in determining the priority areas for the development of science and technology and innovation activities of the Institute.
  • current reference and information service;
  • search for new forms of scientific and technical cooperation;
  • coordination and organization of scientific events;
  • implementation of measures to support research of young scientists, graduate students, their involvement in research work;
  • preparation of grant applications; establishing new contacts with the world's leading research centers;
  • coordination of cooperation within the UNESCO Chair in  Cryobiology;
  • organization of internal and external reporting on the Institute scientific activities;
  • preparation of materials for postgraduate licensing through The Unified State Electronic Database on Education (UEDEBE);
  • maintaining the documents and protocols that reflect the content, organization and methodology of scientific activities of the Institute.
  • layout and translation of the journal "Problems of cryobiology and cryomedicine".
  • coordination of creation of scientometric profiles of employees, media literacy.


  • Ievheniia Pushkova  head of the department
  • Kateryna Danko  Senior Engineer
  • Natalia ISHKOVA  technician
  • Olena ISHKOVA  engineer
  • Heorhii  ISHKOV  Junior Research Fellow
  • Natalia KULAKEVYCH engineer
  • Viktoriia TUTOVA  Senior Engineer
  • Antonina ZADOROZHNA 

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