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Department of Cold Adaptation
Research Fellows
of the Department:

The Department was created in 1990 as the Department of Biochemistry of Cold Adaptation on the basis of the laboratory of the same name. From the very start until 2021 the Department was headed by Prof. Oleksandr Hulevsky (Gulevskiy), student of an outstanding scientist and one of the founders of domestic cryobiology, Prof. Apollon Belous. During this time 13 PhDs completed their doctoral projects and successfully defended. More than 400 scientific papers were published in domestic and international journals, 18 patents were registered. From 2021 the Department is headed by Prof. Olga Prokopiuk.
The Department participates in the bachelor and master programs of Universities of Kharkiv region. The PhD graduates of the Department currently work in scientific laboratories in the USA (Abakumova Olena), Germany (Pogozhykh Olena).

Head of the Department
Dr. Olga Prokopiuk


•    Study of the processes underlying the development of adaptive responses of the organism under cooling. 
•    Investigation of the mechanisms of cold stress and the effect of synthetic neuropeptides of opioid action (analogues of peptides that affect the adaptation of cold-resistant animals to low temperatures) on the functional state of cells in monolayer and three-dimensional culturing, and blood cells in vivo.
•    Development and improvement of cryogenic technologies for maximum release and storage of biological activity of components derived from cord blood, placenta and medicinal plants in order to develop medical products.
•    Investigation of mechanism of low temperatures effect on the quantitative and qualitative composition of biologically active substances from natural raw materials of plant and animal origin. 
•    Study of cryobiological and cryomedical aspects of biotechnologies, biosafety, creation of stocks of cryopreserved biomaterial for preservation of gene pool, development of reproductive and regenerative medicine.
•    Investigation of geroprotective and gerotherapeutic effect of placental fragments exposed to cryopreservation. 
•    Development and improvement of methods for obtaining, cryopreserving and creating a collection of placental cells.
•    Determination of peculiarities of the functioning and mechanisms of action of placental cells in vitro and in vivo during simulated pathological processes of female reproductive system. 
•    Improving existing methods of treating pathologies of the female reproductive system with placental drugs.


•    Đryopreservation exposure on placental cells and their effect on  reproductive system of females with ovarian failure (╣, State Registration Number 0119U100443). 2019-2023
•    Research of regularities of release of biologically active water-soluble substances from plant and animal tissues under low temperatures (╣, State Registration Number 0120U100545). 2020-2024 
•    Investigation of protective effect of synthetic analogues of neuropeptides on the body of homeothermic animals and isolated cells exposed to cold stress (╣, State Registration Number 0121V100384). 2021-2025


•    Olga Prokopiuk is a Honored Doctor of Ukraine, Winner of the State Prize in Science and Technology, Inventor of the Year of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Woman of the Year in the category "Science and Education", awarded the Medal of M.I. Pirogov, has Diploma and Gratitude of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, District Councils of People's Deputies, Organizing Committees of Scientific Forums, Institute Administration, Honorary Badge of the Commander of the Land Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (2022)
•    Natalia Moiseyeva is a Winner of the Young Scientists Award of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine for the series "Prospects for the Treatment of Liver Failure by Stem and Differentiated Cell Transplantation", Scholar of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine for young scientists, has diploma and gratitude of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration and Institute Administration
•    Olga Gorina was a Scholar of the President of Ukraine for young scientists; had Diplomas and gratitude of the Administration of the Institute for Problems of Cryobiology and Cryomedicine of the NAS of Ukraine
•    Yuliya Akhatova was a Scholar of the President of Ukraine for Young Scientists (2020–2022).

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