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Department of Cryocytology
Research Fellows:

The Department was founded in April 1993. From 1993 to 2003 the Department was headed by Prof. Oleksandr Kaprelyants. From 2003 till now, the Department is headed by Prof. Lyubov Babiychuk. In 2016, the Department of Cryocytology incorporated the Department of Cryophysiology of the Cell, headed by late Prof. Valery A. Bondarenko  the Winner of the O.V. Palladin Prize of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR in the field of biochemistry and molecular biology (1990).

Head of the Department
Prof. Lyubov Babijchuk

•    Study of structural and functional characteristics of human cord blood cell, in particular hematopoietic stem cells (CD34+) under the effect of low temperatures and exposure to cryoprotectants of different mechanism of action. Development of methods for isolation and cryopreservation of cord blood cells.
•    Study of tolerance of human erythrocytes during application of cryoprotective agents of different type of action, as well as the effect of various modifiers of structural and functional state of membrane-cytoskeletal complex.
•    Study of the processes affecting erythrocytes at various stages of low-temperature preservation process, including hypertensive shock, hypertensive cryohemolysis and posthypertensive shock of erythrocytes of human and various animals.

•    Study of the mechanisms of action of cryoprotective solutions and antioxidants on the modification of the structural state and the development of oxidative processes in human cord blood cells at the stages of cryopreservation (№, State Registration Number 0119U100442). 2019-2023
•    Study of the mechanisms of cryo-damage of mammalian erythrocytes in the model of posthypertensive shock and after thawing (№, State Registration Number 0119U100441). 2019-2023


•    Lyubov O. BABIICHUK has got the Gratitude of the Head of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration (2009, 2012, 2018); Diploma of the North-East Scientific Center of the National Academy of Sciences and the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine (2017).

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