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Department for Cryomicrobiology
Research Fellows:

The Department of Long-Term Storage of Biological Objects at Low Temperatures was established in 1999. The first Head of the Department was Prof. Antonina Kompaniets (till 2000). In 2000-2001 it was headed by Prof. Oleksandr Snurnikov. Since 2001 till now, the Department is headed by Dr. Igor Vysekantsev. In 2008, the Department was transformed to the Department of Long-Term Storage of Biological Objects at Low Temperatures and Cryomicrobiology, and in 2016 to the Department of Cryomicrobiolog.
The Department includes the Laboratory of Microbiology, resposible for performing different microbiological researches and support of the Department's projects.

Head of the Department
Dr. Igor Vysekantsev


  • cold anabiosis and artificial anhydrobiosis of microorganisms;
  • development of methods for long-term storage at low temperatures and lyophilization of microorganisms and biologically active compounds, in particular immobilized ones;
  • participation in clinical trials of antibiotics of the new generation

Resulting from the performed R&D works and the patents obtained, two technologies entitled as "Technology of manufacturing  and storing the drug for treating  intestinal infections" and "Technology for wound healing" were registered at the Department of Innovation and Technology Transfer of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. Also, we contributed to the creation of low temperature banks for rabies virus industrial strains for manufacturing of the anti-rabies vaccines at JSC "Biolik" (Kharkiv, Ukraine).

Development of technologies for low-temperature preservation of immobilized cells and biologically active compounds (№, State Registration Number 0115U000094). 2015-2017

Study of the mechanisms of cryodamages to microorganisms immobilized in gel carriers with different physicochemical properties during low-temperature storage and lyophilization (№, State Registration Number 0118U001187). 2018-2022

Study of the impact of cryopreservation and storage conditions on yeast-like fungi, postnatal fibroblasts and passaged cell culture (№, State Registration Number 0104U003919). 2005–2009

Investigation of cryodamage and cryoprotection mechanisms of immobilized cells in order to improve their survival during cryopreservation and lyophilization (, State Registration Number 0110U000404). 2010-2014

Viktoriia Ponomarova had the Scholarship of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Igor Vysekantsev, Head of the Department, PhD, senior research fellow
Tetiana Gurina, DSci, leading research fellow
Anna Ananina, PhD, senior research fellow
Yana Cherkashyna, PhD, senior research fellow
Eduard Nardid, PhD, research fellow
Liudmyla Srepaniuk, junior research fellow
Olena Onasenko, junior research fellow
Viktoriia Ponomarova, junior research fellow
Stanislav Sevasianov, leading engineer
Alla Serhiienko, 1st category engineer
Liudmyla Yevtukhova, 2nd category engineer 

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