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Patent Department
Head of the Department
Lyudmila P. Fomenko

The Patent Department was organized in 1975.

Major trends of the department are as follows:

  • providing the patent protection for the priority of novel technologic solutions performed at the level of inventions;
  • providing the legislation protection for the inventions, industrial samples, trade marks;
  • completing the patents fund and information apparatus to it;
  • Conducting the patent investigations, providing a high technical level of competitiveness of the Institute research projects.

The novelty of the Institute researches is approved by the author's certificates of the USSR, patents of Russia, Ukraine, USA, the UK, France, Japan.
Total number of the certificates obtained:

  • - author's certificates of the USSR: 220;
  • - foreign patents: 18;
  • - industrial samples: 11;
  • - trade marks: 2;
  • - patents of Ukraine: 218.

The department is headed by Lyudmila P. Fomenko.

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