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Department of Experimental Cryomedicine
Research Fellows:

The Department of Experimental Cryomedicine was founded in 1972. From 1978 to 2018 it was headed by Prof. Borys Sandomirsky. In 2016, the Department included the reformed Department of Cryomorphology as a Laboratory.  More than 30 PhD dissertations and 3 Doctor of Sciences dissertations were done and defended at the Department. Since 2018, the Department is headed by Dr. Mykola Chyzh.

Head of the Department
Dr. Mykola Chizh

The department has the most comprehensive  experience in Ukraine in the area of application of low temperatures in experimental and clinical medicine. We have developed a novel approach to the creation of xenogeneic tissue implants for reconstructive surgery devitalized using cryoradiation. We are investigating the therapeutic potential of cryopreserved extracts of tissues and organs in experimental models of osteoarthritis, cold wounds, ulcerogenesis, etc. as well as the influence of therapeutic hypothermia and introduction of mesenchymal stromal cells on the  experimental myocardial infarction.  

•    Destructive and restorative processes in tissues in vivo after exposure to low temperatures and biologically active substances (№, code, state registration number 0117U000849). 2017–2021
•    Determination of serum peptide composition in ischemia and myocardial necrosis and during heart remodulation (№, code State registration number 0117U000851). 2017–2021
•    Features of the course of destructive-inflammatory and reparative processes under the influence of low temperatures and cryoextracts of mammalian organs. 2022–2026


•    Borys SANDOMIRSKY was the Laureate of the State Prize in Science and Technology of Ukraine (2018)
•    Anna O.  MANCHENKO got the Diploma of the Presidium of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (2020)


  • Mykola O. Chyzh, PhD (Medicine), Senior researcher; Head of the Department 
  • Serhii Ie. Galchenko, Doctor of Sciences (Biology),  Leading researcher  
  • Iryna V. Belochkina, PhD (Biology), Senior Researcher
  • Gennadiy O. Kovalov, PhD (Medicine), Senior Researcher, 
  • Iryna V. Sleta,  PhD (Biology), Senior Researcher  
  • Fedir V. Hladkykh, PhD (Health Care), Junior researcher
  • Anna O. Manchenko, PhD (Medicine), Junior researcher
  • Vyacheslav Yu. Globa, PhD (Health Care), Researcher
  • Iryna P. Mykhaylova, Researcher
  • Zoya Ie. Gubenko, Laboratory assistant
  • Liudmyla M. Gordeieva,  Laboratory assistant

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